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An Incredible Blessing

At Holy Cross Church, we are so grateful for all of the ways our parishioners give, whether it be their time, their talents, or their treasure. Financial giving is an incredible act of service that allows our church to continue to serve our parishioners, our community, and the greater world. We sincerely believe that your financial gift is an incredible blessing both to us, the Church, and to you as well.

Privacy & Security

We have taken great care to choose a partner that is dedicated to protecting personal information and privacy. They comply with the highest level of industry security standards and must pass rigorous independent on-site audits annually in addition to other critical assessments. We take information security very seriously and value your right to privacy.

One Time or Recurring Donations

You have the option to make a one time donation or setup a recurring donation. A recurring donation is a donation set up to occur automatically on a regularly scheduled basis. By setting up an account and recurring donations, you will always have a record of your gifts to Holy Cross.

What are the benefits of setting up a recurring donation?

  • Reduces check writing for frequent donors
  • Allows donations to continue uninterrupted during absences
  • Allows donations to be spread out over time
  • Reduces administrative costs for organizations
  • Consumes fewer resources than paper check processing

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