Music Ministry

Holy Cross Church has an active and varied music program in which parishioners can participate, offering their talents in this very rewarding ministry of the praise and worship of God.

We have a large pipe organ, grand piano and spacious choir room and choir loft, and the church building has phenomenal acoustics.

Join a choir group today:

40/45 voice SATB Adult Choir

We rehearse on Thursday evenings and sings at the 11:30am Sunday Mass. We also sing at Midnight Mass, Confirmation, Service of Lessons and Carols, and Holy Week Services. Professional soloists and section leaders lead and support each of the four sections. The music sung by the Adult Choir is varied and often challenging.

Lite Choir

We rehearse twice a month on Monday evenings and sing twice a month at our 4:00pm Saturday Mass.

Teen Choir

We are a group of high school students that sing once a month at the 4:00pm Saturday Mass. We rehearse two hours before each sung Mass. Teen instrumentalists are used to accompany the Teen Choir.

Children’s Choir

We are a group of elementary school students. We rehearse twice a month on Wednesdays after school and sing on the first Sunday of the month at 9:00am Mass. We also sing at the Christmas Eve Children’s Mass and on Easter Sunday.

Funeral Choir

We sing at all of the funerals, rehearsing before each funeral.

A detailed schedule of all Masses and rehearsals is available for members of each choir. If you play an instrument and would like to play at Mass, you may audition with Ernie.

It has been said that when you sing, you pray twice, and this is how we feel in music ministry. Singing at Mass is rewarding and uplifting for both the choir member and the parishioners sitting in the pews. You, as a choir member, will lead the congregation as they sing and you will also have the opportunity to offer special musical mediations which give parishioners the opportunity to reflect and grow closer to God through that reflection.

Contact Ernest Camerota if you are interested in our music program. If you do, you will have the opportunity to meet some fine, dedicated people.